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Craps is probably the most exciting game in a casino. It is high energy and fun. Everybody at the table is your friend and there's nothing better than that. The game can be fast paced so you need an understanding of the basics to become comfortable at the table. We usually spend 15 minutes before every event bringing players up to speed on the basics. You'll be surprised at how simple the game is. Once you have an understanding of the concept, you can expand your betting at your own pace.

Craps is a dice game using 2 dice played against the "House". Since the total of the dice is used for the betting, that limits the options to 11 numbers from 2 (2 ones) to 12 (2 sixes). You can prove this to yourself, but trust me for now when I tell you that 7 is the easiest (most combinations) number to roll. The farther from 7 the less likely the numbers will come up. You'll see how these simple facts come into play as you learn how to play.

The basics of the game is based on the Pass Line bet. As we would do at our events, we'll use an example of a $10 Pass Line bet for ease of explanation. The Pass Line bet is all you need to know to understand the game of Craps. All other bets are basically side bets. To start a game, a player places a Pass Line bet and rolls the dice. If on this first roll of the game (called the "come out roll"), the player rolls a 7 or 11, the game is already over with the player winning even money on his Pass Line bet. If the player rolls a 2, 3 or 12 (these numbers are called "craps"), the games ends immediately as well with the player losing his Pass Line bet. If any of the remaining numbers are rolled (4,5,6,8,9,10), the game continues. In this case the Pass Line bet remains and can only be won by rolling the same number (called "the mark" or "the point") again and can only be lost by rolling a 7. As long as the player does not roll a 7 or "the mark" he continues to roll. At this point a player can chose to put additional bets ("behind the line") on "the mark". If the player rolls "the mark", the games ends with the player winning even money on his Pass Line bet. Additional bets win odds according to the chart below. If the players rolls a 7 (called "seven out") the game ends as well with the player losing his Pass Line bet and any additional bets. All players with a Pass Line bet are playing the dice regardless of who is rolling them. As soon as the game ends, new Pass Line bets are placed and a new "come out roll" begins a new game. The dice is rotated clockwise to a new roller after every "seven out". That's it.

There are "odds bets", "place bets", "field bets", "hard ways", etc that you'll learn after you play for a while, but always remember what happens with the Pass Line bet and you'll have the foundation for some fun times at the Craps table. We've put a odds chart below showing the odds for when you place additional bets on the numbers.

First "Come Out" Roll Rolls for Point Pass Line bet Additional bets
7 or 11 - GAME ENDS does not apply wins even money does not apply
2, 3, or 12 - GAME ENDS does not apply loses bet does not apply
4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 - GAME CONTINUES number rolled is now the point remains remains
  6 or 8 as point - GAME ENDS wins even money pays 6 to 5
  5 or 9 as point - GAME ENDS wins even money pays 3 to 2
  4 or 10 as point - GAME ENDS wins even money pays 2 to 1
  7 - GAME ENDS loses bet loses bet
  2, 3, 11, 12 - GAME CONTINUES bet remains, reroll bet remains, reroll


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